The internet and the sound feature are done. All the main features are finished, so I have published FaceMe? on the Play Store. I am now working on my report and it should be finished before next week.


I have added one final animation. The main layout and the managment layout are improved. The upload function seems to work. I am trying to finish the download feature for tomorrow. Edit : done :)


This week, I have added two new animations : one related to the scale, the other related to gravity. Now, the shapes are linked to the accelerometer and follow the inclinason of the device. I have also simplified the creation of a new face and have begun to clean the layout.


I can load a face and play with it. I have made a lot of new features for playing (scale the mouth, blink, sleep mode, etc )and several global features (a menu, an undo function, etc). I have still few features I want to add. Then, I will try to add the internet or the bluetooth connection.


I reorganized the previous app. Now, the app begin with a menu with 4 differents buttons which allow the user to create a new face, play, manage or download. Each button leads to a different screen. The face creation is finished and the picture is stored on the internal storage of the phone (the image are very light). I have begun the play screen but I can't load pictures from the internal storage for the moment.


I have made the app alowing the user to draw a face and play with it. Features : the eyes follow the finger touche ; when the device is shaken the face turn on itself.


I got few issues this week. If I disable the sound of the camera, I have to disable all sounds of the phone so I have decided to disable the camera for the moment. I made some tests about multi bluetooth connections and the results are pretty bad. Two phones can connect properly but a third one makes the connections very instable, almost impossible to keep. I have finished my goal to merge the differents features and I have added the bluetooth one. I have made a little example with several drawings and actions.


I have begun the final app which will merge the different tests I have done. The events are dealt in a single place. Events implemented : screen touch, accelerometer, camera as motion detector.


Oups really forgot to fill this page, sorry :/ So here are the news : I made one flash animation and integrated it in the motion detector app. I have chosen to communicate between devices by bluetooth. I have found a Bluetooth Chat application and I turned it to communicate between two devices the way I want. For differents reasons, the small creature will be a baby as I were advised. I think I have mainly finished technical stuff and should now deal with the contents. There will be about 4 mains states of the baby and they will depend on 2 variables : stress and happiness. These variables will fluctuate with time and depend on the sensors output.


I have to find an internship for next year so this week, I have mainly made my portfolio. I also have learn a bit of Flash.


I have improved the motion detector app :

  • layout more clean
  • animated drawings when no movement is detected
  • camera layout as little as necessary


I have made the motion detector with the front Camera of the Tablet.


I have found source code with which I have taken and save a 10px-10px picture. I have made an app which draw a picture when the device is not moved (using the accelerometer).


This week, I have mainly followed tutorials to learn and remember android programation.

I have detected a proximity sensor on the asus tablet but it doesn't seem to detect anything.

The other option to detect movement is the front camera. There are two ways to use it : call the camera application in my application or use the camera API. I have called the camera application and it isn't adapted to my project. So, I will have to use the camera API.

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