がっくん? (2015-01-04 (日) 22:36:26)

I've worked on the second screen interface and graphical elements. I've also started map interface (like monster's affinity and hp on the map).
Now we also know how unit's turns will look like, we have monsters and weapon caracteristics.

8th Week - 25/11 - 02/12

がっくん? (2014-12-01 (月) 10:06:28)

The trip to Tokyo and Maker Faire were really interesting, but also really tiring.
I've fixed somes rules in game design document. I've also started working on a website to introduction this project and our progress, and I've made some test with NFC.

  • はい、確認。 -- kazushi? 2014-12-03 (水) 00:07:08

6th Week - 11/11 - 18/11

がっくん? (2014-11-16 (日) 23:19:56)

3 weeks without writing any report, shame on me.
During last weeks, I've started to write a real game design document, I've also created the logo for the project, now called "Hikari no Sumi". This week was also our first presentation to FUN students and teachers : I've worked on the poster and the video presentation. I hope next time we will able to speak japanese well enough to explain our project.
This week, I'll continue game design and I will try to test NFC chips.

  • はい、確認。 -- kazushi? 2014-11-18 (火) 12:05:04

3rd Week - 22/10 - 28/10

がっくん? (2014-10-26 (日) 22:42:35)

Universe seems to be confirmed now, so I've adapted almost all my game design ideas to fit a Japanese-style universe.
I've also started designing the first map of the game, that ill be used as a "teaching" map.
We have received the NFC Reader and some tags, I hope we will have some time to test them.
I'm also still working on my resume, but I have to focus a little more on this project this week : I really want to be able to show a paperboard demonstration next week.

  • はい、確認。 -- kazushi? 2014-10-27 (月) 22:16:30

2nd week - 15/10 - 22/10

がっくん? (2014-10-19 (日) 20:57:15)

I've worked on game design, but I need to have confirmation about which universe we will use.
I've started looking some NFC explainations, I think on monday and tuesday I'll do some test with the NFC reader.
I've also started working on my new resume because I want to find an internship in Japan.

  • はい、確認。 -- kazushi? 2014-10-22 (水) 22:36:27

First Week of project

がっくん? (2014-10-11 (土) 23:17:05)

This is my first post about our project with Nico and Alfred.
Since the presentation last tuesday, I've started by looking for a good NFC reader/writer device. When we will be sure about it, we will tell our choice to Prof. Mukaiyama.
I've also started writing a game concept for our project. It's starting to be more precise. I hope this project will be fun for Japanese people.
On a side note, I've started learning how to read and write hiragana. This is quite difficult for me, but I hope I will able to read and write hiragana and Katakana by the end of october.
Don't hesitate to teach me some japanese words !

  • はい、確認。 -- kazushi? 2014-10-13 (月) 13:03:48

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