**無題 [#e7f97815]
>[[がっくん]] (2015-01-04 (日) 22:36:26)~
I've worked on the second screen interface and graphical elements. I've also started map interface (like monster's affinity and hp on the map).~
Now we also know how unit's turns will look like, we have monsters and weapon caracteristics.~

**8th Week - 25/11 - 02/12 [#we1e1b2a]
>[[がっくん]] (2014-12-01 (月) 10:06:28)~
The trip to Tokyo and Maker Faire were really interesting, but also really tiring.~
I've fixed somes rules in game design document. I've also started working on a website to introduction this project and our progress, and I've made some test with NFC.~

- はい、確認。 -- [[kazushi]] &new{2014-12-03 (水) 00:07:08};

**6th Week - 11/11 - 18/11 [#p0d35bc0]
>[[がっくん]] (2014-11-16 (日) 23:19:56)~
3 weeks without writing any report, shame on me.~
During last weeks, I've started to write a real game design document, I've also created the logo for the project, now called "Hikari no Sumi". This week was also our first presentation to FUN students and teachers : I've worked on the poster and the video presentation. I hope next time we will able to speak japanese well enough to explain our project.~
This week, I'll continue game design and I will try to test NFC chips.~

- はい、確認。 -- [[kazushi]] &new{2014-11-18 (火) 12:05:04};

**3rd Week - 22/10 - 28/10 [#tdad637a]
>[[がっくん]] (2014-10-26 (日) 22:42:35)~
Universe seems to be confirmed now, so I've adapted almost all my game design ideas to fit a Japanese-style universe.~
I've also started designing the first map of the game, that ill be used as a "teaching" map.~
We have received the NFC Reader and some tags, I hope we will have some time to test them.~
I'm also still working on my resume, but I have to focus a little more on this project this week : I really want to be able to show a paperboard demonstration next week.~

- はい、確認。 -- [[kazushi]] &new{2014-10-27 (月) 22:16:30};

**2nd week - 15/10 - 22/10 [#q0067664]
>[[がっくん]] (2014-10-19 (日) 20:57:15)~
I've worked on game design, but I need to have confirmation about which universe we will use.~
I've started looking some NFC explainations, I think on monday and tuesday I'll do some test with the NFC reader.~
I've also started working on my new resume because I want to find an internship in Japan.~

- はい、確認。 -- [[kazushi]] &new{2014-10-22 (水) 22:36:27};

**First Week of project [#xbad116e]
>[[がっくん]] (2014-10-11 (土) 23:17:05)~
This is my first post about our project with Nico and Alfred.~
Since the presentation last tuesday, I've started by looking for a good NFC reader/writer device. When we will be sure about it, we will tell our choice to Prof. Mukaiyama.~
I've also started writing a game concept for our project. It's starting to be more precise. I hope this project will be fun for Japanese people.~
On a side note, I've started learning how to read and write hiragana. This is quite difficult for me, but I hope I will able to read and write hiragana and Katakana by the end of october.~
Don't hesitate to teach me some japanese words !~

- はい、確認。 -- [[kazushi]] &new{2014-10-13 (月) 13:03:48};

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